HVAC System Services

HVAC System

Consider a sub-discipline of Mechanical Engineering that refers to Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning. Our implemented strategy ensures save on electricity.

  • Chilled water power plant include (chiller, cooling towers and pumping system)
  • Air supplying units (Fans, AHU's, FCUs ,VAV's)
  • Chilled water valves, network, insulation and cladding works
  • DX equipment (Package or split type) VRF System and CRF system
  • Copper piping network complete with thermal insulation

  • Central industrial kitchen exhaust ducting (Stainless-steel or black steel)
  • Fresh air ducting network complete with balancing work
  • Specialized Exhaust and Fresh air fans

  • Ecology Units
  • Dust remover system

  • Smoke extract system
  • Escape stair pressurization system
  • Fresh Air Fans
  • Car Park Management
  • System including all the sensors.

  • Infrastructure firefighting piping network include fire Hydrant and piping
  • Firefighting Pumping room complete with pump, piping & tank connections (as per NFPA 20)
  • Indoor firefighting piping network include Sprinkler & Zone control valves (as per NFPA 13)
  • Fire hose cabinets, hose reels, landing ...etc.as per NFPA 14
  • Fire suppression system such as FM200 and Co2...etc.
  • Deluge foam suppression system and Precaution systems


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