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“In life, we face lots of challenges that shape our mind and the way of thinking to become a better version of ourselves. If you want to achieve your dream, you have to accept different challenges. A dream is like a seed that needs special attention to grow into a huge tree “Business” and if you neglect it, it will die. So, never give up until achieving it”

- Eng. Abdullah

These are the words of our leader and CEO Eng. Abdullah that inspired him throughout his journey.

Value CEO

Eng. Abdullah Holds a Bachelor degree in Telecommunication Engineering from Zagazig University and MBA in Strategic Management from Arab Academy for Science, Technology & Maritime Transport.

He started his career as electrical engineer in a small factory in Suez, then moving to Americana Group as electromechanical engineer which was a turning point in his career. After a huge setback in his life, he insisted to continue towards his goal and started his first company (NTS - New Technology Steel) in 2015 that specialized in designing and structuring industrial kitchens.

Furthermore, he realized the market demand of a highly delivering MEP services with efficiency and accuracy, so Value MEP services was established in 2014 with employee and cli-centered that focuses on:

  1. Punctuality in delivering the project.
  2. Highly technical execution.
  3. Providing a healthy working environment
  4. Supporting employees in any decision related to their personal development.

In 2017, EMAC – Electromechanical Arab consultant was born that specializes in planning and designing electromechanical systems and networks.

Eng. Abdullah believes that MEP system is the vain of any building. It makes a pleasant place for a safety customer experience. Without a well-design MEP system, a building becomes a skeleton with no life.

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